How to Build Your Own Prom Emergency Kit

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Your purse or clutch – you thought it just matched your prom dress and shoes, and completed your ultimate ensemble. The perfect one may be small, but when you need something at the last minute, a little planning will make it pure gold. Transform your prom clutch from an afterthought into an accessory you cannot live without. Simply follow our easy checklist and you’ll soon have the most valuable prom emergency kit around. For the ultimate prom clutch, make sure you include: Fully-Charged Cell Phone: Take selfies with your best pals and candids of your whole group or call home for a ride in case of emergency. Don’t forget to tuck your mobile or cellular phone into your purse when you leave for prom. Also make sure your phone is loaded up with apps that could help you in a pinch. Have access to a map app for last-minute directions, a safe ride app if you live in a city with a program that connects teens with sober, vetted drivers, and whatever app allows you to reach your parents (or your parents reach you) fast in case of emergency. Limited Cash or a Credit/Debit Card: Don’t pack all of your […]

Hottest Prom Trends: Two-Piece Ensembles

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This year’s hottest prom trend comes in two pieces – two piece dresses and formal pantsuits that is. By far the most dramatic and unique of the year’s fashion dos, two-piece dresses allow prom-goers to mix colors, fabrics and features to come up with the perfect personal look. There are many two-piece ensembles to choose from, including: Crop Tops Crop tops are the signature style when it comes to two-pieces this fashion season. If you’re willing to show a little skin, a crop top can be a sexy yet still classy way to do it. Crop tops look great with long or short skirts and even with formal slacks, another one of this year’s unique styles. Lacy and embroidered versions of crop tops are some of the most popular this year. Of course, do check your school’s prom dress code to make sure you comply with all rules. Some are more conservative, or strict than others and you don’t want to accidentally violate a dress code rule and miss your big night. Bold Prints Bold floral print skirts straight off the Fashion Week runways are all the rage in prom wear this season. Short, full floral print skirts in particular […]

How to Create and Stick to a Prom Budget

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No one should miss prom because of money issues, but we know that the reality is that prom expenses add up. One way to make sure you can get to prom is to make a budget early that includes all of your possible expenses, and then work actively to save the money in time for the big night. Making a prom budget gives you a goal and a plan for getting the night of your dreams. What to Include in Your Prom Budget Start by making a list of all of the things you can possibly think of that could cost you money when getting ready for prom. Don’t forget to include as many of these as apply to you: Your prom dress Your prom ticket or “bid” Accessories like earrings, necklaces, bracelets, purse or clutch/handbag Shoes Boutonniere or Corsage (flowers for your date if applicable) Formal photo packages Hair stylist Makeup artist Transportation When you first make your budget, include absolutely every single expense you can think of so you don’t end up forgetting something important that you may have to leave out at the end. You’ll have time later to think about which expenses you might split with […]

Choosing the Perfect Shoes for Prom

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Finding a great prom dress is difficult enough – it can take weeks of learning which styles are most flattering on you and which color makes your heart scream “YASSSSSSS!” You have to coordinate with your besties to make sure you each wear something unique, and with your date to ensure you don’t clash embarrassingly. Once you’ve found the perfect prom dress, then, you’re all set, right? Wrong! Next you need to tackle an equally a daunting task: choosing your shoes. What Is Your Shoe Personality? If you think spiky 3-inch heels are your only option, think again. Was a classic black cocktail dress your only choice of prom dress? Of course not. When it comes to shoes to go with your unique look, you have a world of styles from which to choose. Whether that means you look for a glam pair of lace-up heels, a jewel-encrusted platform fresh off the runway or even your favorite cowboy boots, the only limit is your sense of fashion freedom and imagination. Practical Considerations There are some things you’ll want to make sure you do take into consideration when shopping for your prom shoes: Comfort. Most proms are 3-4 hour-long events, sometimes with […]

How The Process Of Getting Married Has Evolved

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The wedding industry will never die. It’s almost as common as food, water, and shelter, with marriage being something we’ve done for hundreds, if not thousands of years. As noted by the CDC, there are approximately 2.1 million marriages per year, a significant number to consider when analyzing the general populous. However, while weddings will always be a constant, everything surrounding them has changed significantly. When you break it down, weddings can be an incredibly complicated industry. What was once something you either consulted with your friends and family about has now transformed into having thousands of resources all with different prices, information, and suggestions. This can be somewhat overwhelming, as well as leaving a lot of couples with a hefty bill at the end. This doesn’t have to be the case. With so many changes going on in the industry, everything is shifting for good, from how people are buying to bringing down the average costs. Here’s how: Buying Has Shifted Online One of the biggest changes that has come about in the past few years is how much wedding buying has shifted online. While before, the trend was to visit someone like a wedding planner or contacting every […]

10 Things To Remember For Your First Prom

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For what seemed like forever, you’ve been dreaming about your first prom. It’s so magical—the perfect dress, the perfect date, going with your friends to the hair salon and crowding in front of your bedroom mirror while mastering makeup tutorials. And when you finally step onto the dance floor, and it’s dazzling with music and light, you know it’s going to be one of the best nights ever. But despite what you see in movies and TV, what matters about prom isn’t the perfect dress or the perfect makeup or the perfect date. What matters is having fun and making memories, not running off to the bathroom every ten minutes to pull up your ill-fitting dress or spending the whole night standing against the wall because your crush won’t ask you to dance. If you want to have the best first prom possible, just remember these tips: Pick a dress that fits At the end of the day, prom is a high school dance. That means that no matter how many layers your dress has, or how poofy it is, you’ll end up dancing at a certain point. And you don’t want what you’re wearing to get in the way […]

Why Customer Experience Is The X Factor For Online Businesses

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Nowadays, customer experience is the most important aspect for any online business to focus on. If you aren’t doing it already, you have to: statistics prove it. Reports have already demonstrated that, by 2020, Customer Experience will be overtaking price and product as the key brand differentiator. And 55% of customers would pay more for a better customer experience. But why? What’s so important about customer experience that makes it a priority for any online business? Get the right customers It’s easy to get customers to browse your page–with enough Google hits, and the right products you’re selling, you’re guaranteed to get some people viewing your online business. But in order to turn these browsers into consumers, you’ll want to tailor your site to them. By designing your user experience with their needs and wants in mind, they’ll trust you and invest in your products and services. Your customers will be happier Once you have some customers, by creating a consistent customer experience throughout your customer’s journey, they’ll have a positive experience. Whether they’re checking out your product for the first time or comparing the pros and cons of different products you offer, if you create a positive customer experience […]